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International Brain Gym

A pioneer in applied brain research, Dr. Paul Dennison focused on the interdependence of physical development, language acquisition, and academic achievement. In his work he developed a series of simple and enjoyable body movements,called Brain Gym.

The commonality of this set ofmovements was that they all assisted brain-body integration. Since fortunately the brain and body are ovements lead to micro adjustments in neurology, which in turn could dramatically accelerate academic progress. In studio and class we all used all the exercises of Brain Gym every day.

  • The energetic yawn

  • These are mostly relaxation exercises which help to reestablish the neural networks between brainand body and, this way, facilitating the passage of electromagnetic flow through the body.

  • These activitieshelp the chemical and electrical processes which take placeduring mental and physical efforts.

  • Don't get angry at your students if they yawn during Englishclassrooms! Not now that you know that scientific researchhas proved yawing to be a perfect exercise which bringsoxygen to the brain and so enhances learning performances!

  • Space Buttons

  • One hand rests on the upper lip while the other lays on the back-bone.

    • Relaxation and concentration Relaxation and concentration
    • Eye-contact in communication with people
  • It improves these learning skills:

    • Focusing during a test
    • Reading
  • 8 In The Air

  • The activity consists in drawing horizontal eight's in the air with your hands.

    It activates brain and improves:

    • Eye-muscles coordination
    • Connection between hemispheres
    • Bi-ocular and peripheral vision
    • Reading speed.
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