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(NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming

(NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming is the study of our thinking, behavior, and language patterns so that we can build sets of strategies that work for us in making decisions, building relationships, starting up a business, coaching a team of people, inspiring and motivating others, creating balance in our lives, negotiating our way through the day, and above all, learning how to learn.

Children who undergo NLP training would have several positive benefits like Greater Concentration, Listening Skills, Better Memory, Sharper Observation, Self Confidence, etc.

  • Using filters

  • Understanding and enhancing new ways of thinking, using filters thereby increasing your sensitivity and flexibility while dealing with others.
  • Rapport building

  • Understanding the basic elements in rapport - building and creating a platform of trust and respect with anyone to comfortably open up their thinking during communication..

  • Use of clean language

  • Learning how to use your language in a more compelling way, identifying the limiting patterns and not so effective strategies in your language and bringing out the underlying key information hidden in spoken language using David Gordon’s clean language, thereby evolving a more balanced communication.

  • Time Line

  • Regaining your strong, empowering and inspiring internal states that you have developed at various stages of time line in life, and using the same to empower and inspire yourself whenever necessary.
  • Perceptual change

  • Learning how to understand the structure of others experience and evolve effective changes in perceptions, by changing states of mind and evolving more balanced decisions in business and personal negotiations.
  • Neurological levels of change

  • Learning dilts model fo change to bring an effective and sustainable change in yourself and in other using the neurological levels of change.
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