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♦ Mind Plus Edutech Acadmy Pvt. Ltd.
226, Sarswati Complex,
GIDC Road,
Telephone: +91 (0)265 6533 360

Advanced ABACUS Brain Development Program,Personality Development, BrainGym, & International NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

MINDPLUS brings to you world class training and technology to impart education to the age groups of 5-14 years MINDPLUS is dedicated to providing quality education and spreading it, through a franchisee network throughout India & Abroad.

Our Brain Gym a unique presentation in itself for all age groups as it provides the ideal start for an introduction to Advance ABACUS learning and NLP. What MINDPLUS can achieve is displayed below for a more comprehensive understanding.

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  • Wouldn’t you be happy to know that a child trained at MINDPLUS can solve the above faster than a calculator?..!!!
    “Hard to believe, but true... This and much more is possible only through MINDPLUS“
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